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The† main goal of† extended Family Home Health program† is to provide each patient with quality home health care. This program is made up of a group of professionals† of which any one or a number may visit the patient† upon written request from a physician.

Who ís† Eligible

Home health services are available to essentially any home bound patient, regardless of race, age, religion, economic status, sex, or handicap. The patient must be under the care of a physician who orders home health care. Orders may be given on those who are home bound due to illness or disability, and who could benefit form home health care.


Services of home health may be requested by:

1. The patients physician.

2. The patient, family members or friends.

3. Private and community agencies

4. Nurses

5. Concerned citizens

Cost of Care

1. Medicare (No Co-pay)

2. Medicaid (no Co-Pay)

3. Health Insurance Benefits

4. Workerís Compensation

5. Private Pay


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Skilled Nursing, Certified Home Health Aid, Physical Therapy, Occupations Therapy, Speech Pathologist